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Procurement made simple & electronic. BIDTECH encompasses within itself the unique features for Procurement Management & Reverse Auction Procurement. It offers procurements for B2B, B2C and B2G purchases and sales, Vendors Registration & Management, empanelling them for categories and conducting bidding for procurements.

Its features include Vendor registration and approval, Generation of purchase requisition, Generation of RFQs, Automated intimation to vendor through SMS and E-mail, Submission of online re-bidding by vendors, Automated bid analysis and categorization, Bidding or re-bidding by vendors, Decision support system for allocation of bids.

Bid Tech Advantages

  • Bid Tech skillfully unifies disconnected, disparate Systems and data sources with flexible platform.
  • Increases savings by reducing process costs and purchase prices for goods and services.
  • Accelerates and automates procurement process compliance across the enterprise.
  • Maximizes contract savings realization.
  • Deepens & enriches supplier relationships.
  • Evaluates suppliers & improves both the procurement process and data visibility.

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