Cloud: cloud services involve moving both physical computing infrastructure and applications into the cloud, primarily through the use of data centre-based services such as lodging, hosting, and virtualisation of servers, storage and back office applications.

For organisations that prefer to have third party service providers take care of the smooth functioning of their IT infrastructure, while retaining control, Technosol's comprehensive portfolio of managed services built on a strong ITIL framework, is the ideal solution.

Technosol's cloud computing gives your business the flexibility it needs to grow. Our rapidly deployable collocation space, virtual servers or firewall services extend your business into the cloud, providing unprecedented reach into global markets.

Technosol's cloud has been developed to give your businesses the flexibility and agility to grow or shrink as you evolve. Our rapidly deployable collocation space, virtual servers or firewalls services extend your business into the cloud allowing you unprecedented reach into African and Global markets. With our medium agnostic data centres, your workforce, clients or partners can access your data securely from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Computing is still seen as a relatively complex technology evolution, although many organisations are rapidly realising the benefits of moving in this direction. Technosol Cloud Services encompasses a combination of collocation, security, Software as a Service and managed services. These ensure that your business can move to a solution that is fully managed by IS and allows the true Cloud benefits to be realised.

The Technosol's Cloud offering

Technosol offers the full suite of hosting and security solutions, including shared collocation space, managed virtual servers and firewalls, and vaulted environments. With multiple, robust, content-rich, world class data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and the United Kingdom, clients are able to choose geographically suitable locations for their primary, and data recovery environments.

Technosol offers a number of managed services that integrate into the hosting environment, such as content delivery network services, managed backups, hardware monitoring, managed SAN storage, managed hosting, OS patching, website statistics, SQL environments, and streaming. With the correct combination of services, our solutions are designed to offer clients peace of mind and the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing business needs.

New technology and strategic thinking

Proven technologies are continuously tested against new ideas to ensure that clients always have access to the best solutions to meet their requirements.

Technosol Cloud Services team combines the latest technology with years of cloud technology experience to provide your business with complete solutions that simplify the move to Cloud Computing and provide peace of mind from the transition phase to final implementation.

key features

  • Enterprise-grade cloud
  • Highly scalable and elastic
  • On demand and ubiquitous
  • High availability — 99.5 to 99.99% SLA
  • Multi-tenant as well as dedicated components
  • Stringent security and privacy standards
  • Minimal to Zero CAPEX
  • Pay per use model


  • Reduces/eliminates CAPEX on physical infrastructure
  • Need-based subscription and pay per use
  • Varied delivery models - public, private or hybrid cloud
  • Private and secure instances on multi-tenant infrastructure
  • Reduces time-to-market
  • Accommodates business peaks while ensuring performance, security and control
  • Single point of accountability -platform built, deployed and managed by Technosol
  • Industry leading SLA guarantee -up to 99.99% uptime, with built-in DR option


Contemporary businesses that rely heavily on information and information technology require secure modes of operation to not only run their business efficiently but to also protect their information from competitors, hackers and attackers.

Technosol, as an end-to-end security solutions provider, offers security consultancy services, digital and network security products that meet customer requirements, solution implementation models, and a holistic, cost effective management and operation of security solutions.

Technosol's enterprise security solutions built on a modular architecture can be categorized into:

  • Governance, risk and compliance solution
  • Authentication services
  • Network solutions
  • Managed security solutions



What does cloud mean for you?

Cloud is access to on demand services (such as servers, storage and applications) which are hosted off site through a secure environment to allow real time updates and troubleshooting. Cloud-based desktops mean that employee mobility and empowerment are possible 24/7 from any location.

Cloud Desktop delivers the computing power that your business needs to grow by taking all business-critical variables into account: hardware, software and the human factor. Today, the secret to maximising the power of technology lies in a three-way alignment between hardware, software and the way your users behave.

In short: your desktop needs to be more than just a desktop. It needs to be as secure and flexible, cost-effective and scalable as the Technosol Cloud Desktop.

Welcome to the Cloud Age.


  • 24/7 back-up, 99.8% uptime and mission-critical reliability
  • Cost-effective, flexible and future-proofed
  • Eliminates hardware limitations
  • Reduces your overall energy demands
  • Supports your choice of software
  • Minimises data transfer while increasing transfer speeds
  • Reinforces security by storing data on remotely hosted applications rather than on the user's device



Our Cloud Managed Services are designed to provide elastic value added services and back office applications from the core of our network. Using either our dedicated hosting solutions or virtual Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) our product suite will allow your business to focus on its core services while we deliver seamless integration of your Cloud services into the network.

In the current African market technical resources are not only expensive but hard to find, using the IS Managed Cloud Services frees your business up from making large capex investments or opex commitments in infrastructure and services that may not be core to your business. By leveraging our economies of scale and our best of breed technologies, Technosol offers you the agility to scale services as your business evolves.

By providing up to the minute monitoring of business critical systems and servers or ensuring your data is securely backed up to distributing your content via our CDN services the IS Managed Cloud services offers you true pay per use management and infrastructure services that can mould to your business needs.


  • Best of breed technologies
  • Quick provisioning
  • Cost effective and upgradeable solution
  • Wide range of peripheral services
  • Green IT initiative



Cloud Web Security leverages the world's largest global security cloud to deliver the industry's most comprehensive protection against advanced and emerging threats. Because it relies on best of breed, multi–tenanted 100 percent cloud architecture, it delivers all the benefits of proactive, real–time security without the need to deploy and manage appliances, software or agents. With IS' Cloud Web Security, IT security teams can instantly create and deploy granular web-based policies — by user, group, location or action — to anyone, anywhere and on any device.

Unmatched Security

IS' Cloud Web Security's threat intelligence is built from billions of daily transactions for unmatched protection. It scans and secures every byte of every web transaction, both inbound and outbound, making it the industry's most advanced and comprehensive offering.

Simplicity and Efficiency

Cloud Web Security delivers one unified console to create web policies across your organisation's internet access management. Administrators manage their own policy, with changes instantly reflected across the entire cloud.

URL Filtering

Cloud Web Security enables organizations to limit their exposure to liability by managing access to web content for users, groups and locations. URLs are filtered by global reputation, against more than 90 categories, 30 super categories, and 6 classes.

Real-time Reporting and Analysis

Admins have the ability to view any transaction, by any user, from any location — in seconds. The interface provides reports across department, group, user, device, or location, with detailed reporting and analysis of Web 2.0 applications, network usage, threat protection, user policy and more.

Cost Savings

The Cloud Web Security solution boasts no appliances, software or clients to deploy and manage. This eliminates backhauling costs and complexity. While the solution is cloud based, this results in the clients not having to buy excess network capacity. Cloud Web Security scales elastically as you need capacity.



Technosol Data Centres offer unique co-location facilities for customers wanting to host in content rich, high density network facilities across South Africa and the African continent.

Technosol has five data centres across South Africa and two Data Centres in London and three in Africa that allow our customers to co-locate their environments in world class facilities. We manage over 6500m² of co-location space in our data centres and 6.5MW of power. Our environments are all focussed on energy savings and power optimisation in line with Technosol Green Strategy.

Our Data Centres run GB connectivity to the core and our new facilities in Bryanston, Parklands and Bree Street in Cape Town all have fibre connectivity to the rack and are 10GB enabled to the core.

On the back of our MPLS, Access and Broadband networks our media agnostic data centre facilities form the hub of South African online business. This coupled with the communities we have in our facilities make the IS Data Centres the ideal location to communicate with both your network as well as your industry vertical in most geographies in South Africa and Africa.

Our solution set offers a variety of co-location options ranging from standard racks, half and quarter racks, to customised vault solution which can ramp up to your individual power density requirements. The environments are fully access controlled and our CRM system is used to vet customers and provide escorted access through to your environment.


  • High level of data security
  • Redundant infrastructure
  • Media agnostic



To purchase a Domain, or for more information on domains please click on the relevant links below:

What is a Domain Name?

In its simplest form, a Domain name is just an internet website address. The actual address used by computers is numerical in format and is referred to as an IP (Internet Protocol) address (for example: and as you can see, it's not the easiest format to remember. The Domain "name" system was created and has made remembering and referring of websites much easier and creative.

Why do you need a Domain Name?

In the business world, domain names are as common as telephone and fax numbers. If your advertisements or business cards do not display a domain name, you run the risk of being passed over by customers that prefer to browse merchandise and services online. A good domain name is vital for a business's branding and awareness, but more importantly aids in protecting copyrights, trademarks and product information.

For individuals, Domains allow families, authors, artists etc. the opportunity to register a unique and memorable address which can promote your cause. For instance if your name is Tom Smith, you could try and get the Domain name of "tomsmith.co.za", so anyone looking for you online would easily find you. If you had a family website then a Domain name such as "smithfamily.co.za" would give it a nice touch.



Security is critical to the seamless delivery of any service over a network. IS has developed a portfolio of products to ensure this delivery and give customers peace of mind that their data is secure and protected.

Technosol Security services offers you protection before the threat reaches your network. From virtualised to dedicated firewalls, IPS and URL filtering we ensure your network is not only safe from external attacks, but also protect your valuable bandwidth from abuse.


  • Bandwidth optimisation
  • Fully managed and hosted firewall solution
  • Cost effective

key features:

  • Robust global delivery model
  • Scalable, carrier-grade infrastructure ensuring reliable connectivity & powerful performance
  • World-class facilities including network operations and security operation centres
  • Technologically advanced platforms and tools
  • 5+ certified consultants with extensive domain expertise
  • 24x7x365 helpdesk
  • Industry standard processes - ISO 9000:2001, ITIL, BS7799
  • 10+ years of experience in monitoring large & complex networks


  • Low operational & maintenance costs
  • Access to skilled and experienced resources
  • Reduced downtimes and fast problem resolution aiding in quality of service
  • Focus on IT strategies for their core business
  • Keeping pace with rapid technology advancements

Our managed services offering include:

  • Managed network
  • Managed hosting
  • Managed security
  • Remote Infrastructure Management

Technosol's array of services spans managed IT services, on demand hosting services and data center services, including managed network, managed security services and remote infrastructure management.

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