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Technosol provides software application services to Hotels to automate the processes being followed in managing the complete business. The system stores the information in central database and distributes the information to various points in a desired format. Hotels need quick information to respond to their guests quickly but also to efficiently manage the business in tight competition. Any business in the hospitality industry can make use of this solution for efficient service to their customers. The financial and pricing related information, special discounts and offers can also be managed and used for marketing, sales initiative using the HMS applications effectively. The travel agents and other partners in the industry can integrate their system with the HMS to get specific data and publish it in their portals for business purpose.

Technosol provides end to end HoMS solutions for the Hospitality industries. The startup Hotels grown to a larger size over the years generally have several standalone applications at a smaller level to manage the daytoday requirements which is sufficient during the early stages when the primary focus is developing the service. However, when business continues to grow, it is very important that the hotels should manage its operations in a very effective way stopping all the cost overrun, leakages and become very efficient in order to be competitive in the market. This can be achieved by controlling the workflow and the information, data flow in a defined way and having a secured common database. Only One Truth of information is possible if the business has an integerated software with a common database.

Technosol provides HoMS solutions that automates the business processes suitable to your industry which is common for the whole industry and connected to all the connected business partners.

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  • Do you want to reduce the cost of operation ?
  • Do you want to have an easy business process?
  • Do you want to procide your service on time?
  • Do you want to respond to your guests on time?
  • Do you have problems in managing the business/operations in multiple locations?
  • Are you in worry to evolve innovation for value proposition?
  • Do you want to streamline your operations?
  • Aare you worried about the security of information?

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Technosol provides solution that integerates all the modules and applications across the breadth of the organization to have uniform and streamlined process flow that results in ONLY ONE FACT and not different versions of the same data from multiple systems. Hospitality Businesses that grows over the years needs HoMS that can be scaled up to the extent necessary which is completely taken care by Technosol's solutions