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Technosol provides Workforce Management (WFM) Solution also known as Human Capital Management (HCM) for the business and other establishments for managing the human resources which are the fundamental asset for any successful organization. The complete processes right from identification of resources, induction into the system, managing the resources within the organization can be completely managed using the WFM solution from Technosol. Every business requires human resources with a different set of skill sets at various levels at different point of time. Technosol provides solution for the business to efficiently manage the process in the complete chain. The selection process for the human resources for various levels can be defined and the HR team can follow the process using the WFM solutions for quick and correct onboarding of resources. The evaluation of performances of the human resources is very important in any organization and the WFM solution supports this process. Maintaining timesheets and Payroll processing are other important functions in the HR and the solution supports it very effectively. The Workforce Management System tracks the existing employee database which containing personal information, professional skills, capabilities, merits and achievement for better positioning the resources in the organization.

Technosol provides WFM solutions that automate the processes suitable to your industry which is common for the whole organization and connected to all the human resources.

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  • Do you want to reduce the cost of HR Processes ?
  • Do you want to have an easy HR process?
  • Do you want to onboard the resources quickly?
  • Do you want to respond to your employees on time?
  • Do you have problems in managing the HR function in multiple locations?
  • Are you in worry to bring value to your organization?
  • Do you want to streamline your HR processes?
  • Are you worried about the security of employee information?

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Technosol provides a solution that integrates all the modules and applications across the breadth of the organization to have uniform and streamlined process flow that results in ONLY ONE FACT and not different versions of the same data from multiple systems. Businesses that grow over the years needs WFM that can be scaled up to the extent necessary which is completely taken care by Technosol's solutions.