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Mobilize your supply chain and improve sales force's productivity!

With increasing mobility in businesses and demand for maintaining real time, the pressure for virtual and on time presence has sky rocketed. More and more people are opting for mobile solutions that can give a tough time to their competitors and more buck and good-will to themselves.

The Long and lethargic manual process associated in placing and execution of orders are quite challenging in terms of human errors due to wrong entries, extremely high time for the sales cycle to get completed, loss of revenue or customer dissatisfaction due to mismatch between stock availability and order booked as the stock is not known on real time basis.

MobiTrade Solution for following industries for their Dealer & Distributor Segment:

  • FMCG
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • News Paper & Magazine
  • Computer Hardware & Peripheral
  • Electronics & Electrical

Order booking Invoicing Deliveries

Thriving smoothly is more important than just incepting. Growth and sync go side by side to crack excellence resulting in the work to enjoy its full competence.

Give a fine touch to your customer's shopping experience and satisfaction. Invigorate your Sales Force with Mobi-Trade mobility solution and enhance your employee productivity. Intensify your access to customers and track inventory real time and optimize check out.

Mobi-Trade Mobility solutions enable you to support your business processes, on Android & IOS devices, using our mobility platform apps. The Mobi-Trade, a Sales force solution offers thousands of field employees to take care of.

It allows you....

  • To make the best utilization of field staff
  • Reducing response time & travel time
  • Reducing logistical costs
  • Reducing operational costs

while improving field service visibility.


  • Enhances sales force productivity.
  • Assists in Stock management and aids in speedy and precise planning.
  • Keep track of assets distributed in the market.
  • Boosts Cost reduction on a larger scale.
  • Improve field service visibility for management and for customers.
  • Reduced customer billing lead time
  • Improved field ticket accuracy and compliance with order management
  • The software is cost effective.
  • Make Customer happy and satisfied.

KCS offer high end software products for Mobile Platforms and support in your business growth.

We cater to the IT needs of corporate clients and high end customers for simple and complicated mobile applications (Android & iOS), communication protocols, enterprise applications and databases to create and customize mobility solutions to meet your business requirements.


KCS offers Mobi-Trade Sales force automation solution using mobile computing technology to overcome practical problems and make the system more efficient and responsive.

All the field staff will be equipped with mobile computer device with the preloaded application software to take care of different operations required to complete the processes.

  • Capable of working in Offline mode as well. Statuses are maintained for Offline order generations.
  • GPRS connectivity for Online Data Sync. This is required to check the stock and allocate stocks against new order booked on real time basis.
  • Data sync when the device is online.
  • Centralized management of data.
  • Placing of orders in no time with the shipping details as well.
  • Proof of order confirmation through Digital signature.
  • Invoicing to Customers the next moment orders are placed and accepted.
  • Communications with the customers thereby leaving the customer feel the importance.
  • Personal order listing to the sales force which allows the sales force to analyze their work and improve their productivity to optimum.
  • The application is user friendly as the field staffs are not well versed with usage of technology.
  • Multi level Security of Data due its vulnerable nature.
  • Secure data transmission.

a SALES AUTOMATION and STOCK MAINTENANCE module to trade with the Mobile Technology.

A Product by ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company