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About Us

About Technosol

With more than 14 years in the Information and Comunnications Technology (ICT) market, Technosol has been at the forefront of ICT services and IT Consultancy based on the latest technology. We pride ourselves in being a solution's designer and not just a company that offers "one size fits all" products. The company was incorporated in 2000, and operates as a wholly-swazi owned private reporting company.

Technosol designs all its solutions with our motto in mind, "Keeping you ahead". Every solution has our customer's needs in mind and strives to increase productivity, operational capabilities and to reduce operational costs.As an integrated ICT company with deep expertise, we know how to make technology work for you to keep your ahead

Technosol prides itself in having longstanding relationships with its clients, some stretching as far back as the company's inception. With customer's networks managed in Europe, the US, Asia and remote parts of Africa, we have proven we are not bound by our locality

The network solutions we provide in various industries has given us invaluable experience with the unique solutions we provide every day. we've become a truly unique solutions provider that always has the solution for your needs.


  • 1.IT Consulting Technosol is highly focused IT Consulting ISO 9001:2008 compliant Organization focusing on latest Technology & platforms
  • 2.Software Solution Provider Technosol has immense expertise in architecting complex, state-of-the-art software products.
  • 3.Software Development, Web Development, Portal Development, e-Commerce Development, OS Commerce Development, Mobile Development, ITIL Services, IT Consulting, Customized Application Development etc. We focus on solving the unique and challenging intricacies of building and supporting cutting-edge Software Products & Services. Our innovative approach, coupled with our core engineering strength, aims at "exceeding the expectations of the customer", consistently and continuously.
  • 4.Connectivity Services is about linking organisations and connecting them internally and externally to provide them with optimal connecting solutions.
  • 5.Communications Services is about linking people, anywhere, anyplace and through any medium and reducing the cost of communication.
  • 6.Cloud Services is about linking technologies and bringing geographical reach and financial flexibility and the scale of the network to our clients' data centre computing and application sourcing strategy.
  • 7.Carrier Services solve the last mile dilemma by providing the last mile at high capacity, reliability and price to enable connectivity, communications and cloud services.

Technosol provides its services to small, medium, and large organizations in the public and private sector and to the consumer market through its wholesale offerings.

We are committed to making Technosol a world class Company, benchmarked to global standard of quality, operational performance, efficiency and customer care there by creating substantial value for all our stakeholders.

We give you a vast array of solutions in managed network, hosting and voice services, applications and system integration to enable you to work smart and do more. Together, these solutions can help an enterprise bypass bottle-necks to grow rapidly.

Technosol corporate head offices are located in Swaziland at Swazi Plaza, Mbabane. If you would have any questions or enquiries about what we do at Tecnosol please mail us on info@technosol.co.sz


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