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In the dynamic Information & Communications Technology (ICT) environment, technology can no longer be used as the only differentiator. The stringent regulatory environment means that ICT companies have to constantly think out of the box and innovate differently to the rest of the world when responding to client business challenges. This in itself is an opportunity to create real depth in services and solutions that respond to these challenges.

While innovation and solutions development drive opportunity for business growth, it is the client that must remain at the core of what we do. For Technosol, clearly focusing on our key segments provides for differentiation as we focus on the key pillars of the ICT market.

To ensure that all our market segments of clients are supported, Technosol believes that everyone in the organization has an impact on the client service. To ensure that there are areas in the business that focus primarily on the service experience we operate a 24x7x365 helpdesk which is the heart of our client services and support a primary contact point. In keeping with our service oriented model our Helpdesk is backed by dedicated 24x7 expert IT Support Engineers.

Technosol's track record of enabling government to meet its mandate of service delivery and to fast track the National Vision for 2022 across the three spheres of government, demonstrates our commitment as a Swaziland Corporate citizen to ensure that our vision to be the people connecting Swaziland, resonates with our government's intent to bridge the digital divide and make ICTs an enabler, not only for the government but for its citizens as well!


Johannes Ntshalintshali
Chairman & CEO
Date : 14.05.2012
Place : Mbabane


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