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G-Pad (GPRS) and T-Pad (EDGE)

ConnectNet's locally developed Multi-SIM modems (G-Pad and T-Pad) provides secure wireless data communications to various markets via the GSM data networks, including Point of Sale (POS), credit/debit

card authorisations, cheque verifications, prepaid electricity, prepaid cellular airtime, micro-lending, bulk SMS applications, healthcare verifications, ATM's, telemetry and any other market requiring transaction type data communications.


  • 1.Fixed monthly tariffs – NO more variable charges
  • 2.A single G-Pad/T-Pad can simultaneously provide communications to three/four terminals respectively
  • 3.Tariffs are highly competitive


  • 1.No need to interpret LED signals, all information required is displayed in text on the LCD Screen
  • 2.LCD Screen displays "Signal Strength", "Date and Time", "GSM Cell ID" and "Connectivity Status
  • 3.Port activity is also visual on LCD display


  • 1.All data is encrypted before it is sent over the network.
  • 2.Both Vodacom and MTN SIM cards are installed within the G-Pad/T-Pad. The G-Pad/T-Pad will automatically switch between the 2 networks in the event that the connectivity to the ConnectNet Hosting Servers is lost . This process is transparent to the end user
  • 3.Not vulnerable to stolen, wet or damaged telephone lines
  • 4.G-Pad/T-Pad will automatically reset itself in the event it is unable to restore connectivity to the GSM networks or the Hosting Servers


  • 1.Card authorisations are quick thus eliminating long queues
  • 2.Call connection is almost instantaneous
  • 3.Modem to modem connectivity is possible
  • 4.G-Pad/T-Pad is engineered to handle poor GSM Data conditions reliably


  • 1.24/7 First line support via ConnectNet's call centre
  • 2.On-site support is provided when necessary


The E-Pad has the same functionalities as the G-Pad except that instead of using the GSM wireless data networks , the E-Pad utilises the customer`s existing internet link (ADSL, satellite or

ConnectNet`s Mobile Router) as the communication medium. This is done by simply connecting the Ethernet port on the E-Pad to the existing LAN. The e-Pad allows for up to 2 banking terminals to be connected via its serial connections. The E-Pad is remotely configurable and each port can be configured to work with any bank terminal.

It is important to note that the internet link is used to do card transactions. No dial-up connection which incurs a telephone call per transaction is required. In the event that the internet connection is disrupted, no online card transactions will be possible.

Once the E-Pad is connected to the local LAN, it requires an IP Address. This is obtained automatically via a DHCP server located on the local LAN or by physically configuring the E-Pad.

If configured correctly, the E-Pad will display 'Server Connected' on its LCD screen indicating that the unit is ready for use. Please Note: Firewalls on the network will need to be opened to allow ConnectNet Servers access. Contact ConnectNet`s Helpdesk for details.


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