Welcome to Technosol Solution Africa, we have over 15 years of expertise
  • Development House Suite 205
    Swazi Plaza, Mbabane
  • +268 24045778
  • 8:00am to 5:00pm
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    Undoubtedly our biggest asset is our strong team of highly qualified and extremely talented work force and its adaptive, learning and creative work environment.

    The creation of such an asset has become a reality because of our stringent selection process, and our sensitivity towards their development in terms of not only technology areas but also in the areas of cultivating human values and ethics and creating a transparent work environment. Our methodological selection process includes high-level programming and logic tests to hire the best engineering talent from the mass. Once selected, Technosol provides an environment to cultivate a passion for excellence, pro-activity and a positive attitude in each individual within the organization.

    Our regular and intense training programs provide the extremely important technology updates to ensure that our people are always at the forefront of the Technology. The entire Technosol team is driven by certain basic disciplinary success factors: Unwavering dedication & commitment, a pro-active attitude and an infectious enthusiasm, that sparks a live-wire in each and every individual associated with this dynamic organization. And of course these are the reasons why we enjoy one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry, ensuring stable and motivated project teams. .

    Infrastructure @ Technosol

    • development centre
    • Licensed Software environment
    • Multiple Bandwidth Options
    • 24 Hours work environment in two shifts
    • Back Up Servers Available with full data recovery utilitiespreconfigured
    • Fully Power Back-up : 24 X 7
    • Servers available with high security and reliability
    • Internet/Email and a VPN for secured client management
    • MyLife Internal Cafés


Tel / Fax :(+268) 2 404 5778 (+268) 2 4090500

Mobile :(+268) 76809662
Email :info@technosol.co.sz